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Wild peacocks roaming the downtown area, followed by, WAIT!  “Why did the Oveido chicken cross the road?”…  Simple, to get to the other side!… My favorite joke of all time!  In Oveido, make sure you stop by for their yearly festivities like “A Taste of Oveido”.  Experience why they “Brake for Oveido Chickens!”.  There are so many of them that they were featured in the 2009 Florida Film Festival .   Making the chickens a celebrity around the communities.  The chickens are protected under the bird sanctuary code.  They are afforded the courtesy of protection.  The Best Place to Raise Kids is in Great Real Estate in Oveido, Florida.  Come travel the entire town in a kid friendly 5K route, known as The Rising,  the last Saturday each October.  The route leads you past historic sites.

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For more information, visit the City of Oveido website.

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