You’re not just moving from one neighborhood to another but from one city, state or even a different country!  Stressed out?  I’m sure you are.  With more than 60 years of demonstrated solutions and satisfied clients that we’ve relocated successfully, from every phase of the relocation process, leave it to the professionals.  From selling your home, finding your new home, shipping household goods to settling in and adjusting to new communities around the world is just second nature for us.  Our relocation services are as flexible as they are varied. Are you more hands on and don’t quite need us to take full control?  No worries.  As your partner, we can provide as little, or as much, support as you need to meet your needs.

Relocation services

One-on-one support from a personal relocation consultant is one of the many benefits we have to offer you depending on the level of assistance you select for transferring your employees.   We are mindful of the stresses that employees feel with the relocation process whether it is domestic or international.

Property services

In many situations, companies prefer that the employee not worry about selling or buying their home or even settling in an unfamiliar area – talk about weight on your shoulders!  Therefore, as your partner, let us be your choice to handle the intricacies of marketing your home or locate temporary housing that’s ideal to where you will be repositioned.  Take the worries out of your employee’s hands.  Or at least part of it.  Let’s have your employee’s productive as soon as possible.  Whatever level of service you decide, we are fortunate to be part of that journey with you.

Employee services

Moving your employees from Point A to Point B seems easy.  Well, sorry to tell you, it’s complicated.  Depending on how many people in the family that is relocating it can be a little difficult and stressful.  A single-family member may not be interested in the local schools versus a family of five that must worry about Pre-K, Kindergarten, Middle School through High School.  It may be important for one family to have certain resources available to them versus a family that prefers to live in the outskirts of town.  It’s all about finding the right fit for the entire family to get settled.  After all, who likes packing and moving again?  Your employees are excited about their new opportunities, why have them worry about location, location, location?  Your employees will truly appreciate your company for this.  Whatever the level of service you select, rest assured your employees will not be alone in the process.  We have selected a network of suppliers and consultants who can help your employees with career transition, educational counseling and partner/spousal employment support.  Help is a phone call, email or text away.  Contact us now.

Relocation program management

In the global market, it is important to devise a strategic relocation program for your employees.  With the professional assistance, guidance and support from our personal relocation consultants your company can transition a group move, a merger or a new program with a solid plan.  Our services can be provided on a cost-effective contractual basis or on an as needed basis.  No strings attached.


Our global case management system can be tailored enough to address company-specific needs.  An online portal app is enabled for the transferring employees as well as human resources. This is extremely important in this day and age of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) that is crucial to properly manage employees’ and human resources who will have 24/7 access to all move information.  From the initiation, continuing through the everyday service aspect and to final billing, the system will enable proper management.